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Stephen Cirell (Guest Contributor)

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Stephen has worked in the public sector for almost 30 years, both via in-house service and from the private sector.

Formerly an in-house lawyer, and then a Partner with Eversheds, Stephen is one of the most well known experts on local government law and is nationally known for his writing on many different areas, being the author of over 15 books on local government law, spanning over two decades.

Stephen created a new business in autumn 2010 following a highly successful year in Cornwall Council as the lead director on climate change. He now specialises in the creation of a low carbon economy, through emissions reduction schemes and renewable or clean energy projects. His main aim is to raise the ambition of local authorities, to increase their confidence and to inspire them.

Stephen is currently working with over two dozen local authorities up and down the country on schemes involving solar PV, wind energy, biomass energy and electric cars.

His latest book is entitled A Guide to Solar PV Projects in Local Government and the Public Sector, and was published in autumn 2012.

You can follow Stephen on Twitter at @stephencirell and his website offers a free weekly email alerter to keep up with developments in the local government energy market.

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