Oct 24 2019, 12:00 - 19:00


Berwin Laighton Paisner
Adelaide House, London BridgeLondon, EC4R 9HA


Flexible Futures Conference & Report Launch 2019

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A and ElectraLink have partnered to produce and launch Flexible Futures – a new document that will use ElectraLink’s dataset under its Energy Market Data Hub, together with REA expertise, to understand developments on the UK distribution network and chart a course for the next decade. Specifically, the report looks at the past seven years, the period which saw enormous deployment of low carbon technologies such as solar PV, and growing deployment of electric vehicles, batteries, and other forms of embedded generation.

The report will build on the skill demonstrated in the outcomes of ElectraLink’s LCT Detection Project which used advanced analytics to identify indications of 15,000 previously unknown solar PV and electric vehicle charging installations on the Western Power Distribution network.

Flexible Futures also assists in drawing a roadmap, based on industry experience, addressing how we can achieve our common goal of £8bn per year in savings. This document is split into three parts, focusing on:

  • Understanding renewable energy supplier switching;
  • Trends in electricity generation and flexible energy technology deployment on the distribution network;
  • Proposing a new classification system for flexible customer types
  • Analysis of the above in context of the National Infrastructure Commission’s Smart Power report, the recent GB power cut, and the Government’s commitment to Net Zero

Flexible Futures Programme