Anaerobic Digestion & Composting Market Survey: Informing DEFRA Policy

Project overview

Members of the anaerobic digestion and composting industries are being invited to participate in a new study to map the market for organics recycling. This work has been commissioned by WRAP on behalf of Defra. It will be carried out by an independent research consultancy, Winning Moves, with the input of an advisory group including representatives of REA, ADBA, ESA and NNFCC.

The final market survey report is expected to be published and publicly available in early 2020.

Informing policy

This is an important opportunity for the sector to feed in data and views to inform Defra policy. In particular:

  • To consider potential market failures that Defra may need to address
  • To inform the commitment to support bio-waste recycling in the Resources and Waste Strategy
  • To inform potential policy changes relating to the additional separate collection of food and garden waste from households

A representative for Defra said: We are reviewing policies to support the recycling of bio-waste to ensure that we can maximise the benefits of anaerobic digestion and composting, whilst managing the risks. We need reliable evidence to inform our future policy on bio-waste treatment options and extending the collection of household food and garden waste.”

Project scope

The data collected includes:

  • Capacity and actual throughput
  • The nature and source of the waste processed
  • The nature and destination of rejected waste, contamination of digestate and compost
  • Employment
  • Market, end uses and PAS status for digestate and compost
  • Electricity, biomethane and renewable heat output
  • Additional information required for policy decisions such as understanding the use of new technology including digestate post processing technologies and the impact of regulations

Wherever possible, the project will replicate the approach used in earlier reports on the industry to facilitate understanding of how the industry has developed over time.

Data collection

The main phase of data collection will take place in autumn 2019. If there is a particular person in your organisation who is best placed to deal with this request, please pass on their name and contact details to 

Data will only be published in an anonymised or aggregated format, your company will not be identifiable. Data will not be shared with WRAP or Defra unless respondents give their consent to this.