Brexit could both cause material impacts and open new opportunities for the renewables and clean tech industry. The REA continues to represents it members’ views throughout the process, and provides consolidated advice on preparing for all possible Brexit outcomes.

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Shared Ambitions : advancing EU and UK co-operation on climate targets REA event

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NEWS & PRESS RELEASES — Nov 14, 2019

REA comments on the Green Party’s ‘Carbon Chancellor’ announcement

The REA welcomes the Green Party’s policy announcement today, to appoint a Carbon Chancellor. They have identified a weak link in the UK’s ambitions to decarbonise the country; the Treasury.

NEWS & PRESS RELEASES — Nov 01, 2019

REA outlines five manifesto pledges essential to achieving Net Zero

In advance of the upcoming election, the REA is urging all political parties to adopt five manifesto pledges or risk missing the UK’s legally binding Net Zero targets.

NEWS & PRESS RELEASES — Oct 17, 2019

BBC reports PM to Chair Cabinet Climate Change Committee

BBC reports that the Prime Minister is to Chair a newly-formed Cabinet Committee on Climate Change. Committee first mooted by Business Secretary Andrea Leadsom to the BEIS Committee on 15 October.

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Nov 15, 2019

Biogen acquires anaerobic digestion plant in South West England

Biogen’s latest plant acquisition


Nov 1, 2019

REA 2019 Election Manifesto

REA 2019 Election Manifesto


Aug 1, 2019

Members Briefing – Preparing for Brexit August 2019

Members Briefing – Preparing for Brexit August 2019