Brexit could both cause material impacts and open new opportunities for the renewables and clean tech industry. The REA continues to represents it members’ views throughout the process, and provides consolidated advice on preparing for all possible Brexit outcomes.

See the resources and news sections below for our latest work in this area.

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Shared Ambitions : advancing EU and UK co-operation on climate targets REA event

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NEWS & PRESS RELEASES — Sep 25, 2020

REA announces Board appointments

Martin Wright re-elected Chair of the REA.

BLOG — Apr 21, 2020

Marking 50 years of Earth Day

On the eve of the 50th Earth Day, Dr Nina Skorupska reflects on the achievements the UK climate change movement has made in the last year.

NEWS & PRESS RELEASES — Apr 16, 2020

REA comments on ‘Gas Goes Green’ campaign

REA comments on ‘Gas Goes Green’ campaign

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Oct 16, 2020

International Waste Shipments – Consented Shipments between GB and EU

The EA details the agreements it has obtained from EU Member States for the continuation of consented waste shipments from GB to the EU after January 2021.


Aug 11, 2020

Consultation Response: UK Internal Market White Paper

REA response to the Government White Paper on the UK Internal Market


Aug 11, 2020

Brexit: No-Deal Check List For Members

The REA as part of EURIS has produced advice for members to assist in planning for outcome of a no-deal Brexit