• Encouraging to see clean growth and energy decarbonisation as a key deliverable if elected.  
  • Several REA calls included in the manifesto. 
  • Policy steps could and should go further – the industry is ready to hit the ground running should Labour win, to create jobs, increase skills and support the growth of the UK economy. 


The REA (Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology) has welcomed the renewable energy and clean technology commitments announced today in Labour’s manifesto. 

The REA encourages the party to be bolder and more ambitious to fully seize the opportunities afforded by the energy transition, and implement every measure in the REA’s First 100 Days report published last week. The industry is demanding action and clarity to hit the ground running after a period of uncertainty, to address the grid and route-to-market barriers – issues that will also impact GB Energy’s success, if not addressed quickly.  

On GB Energy, Labour have correctly identified the value of investing government money in renewable power and clean technologies to deliver real returns and benefits to UK consumers. If established, GB Energy will need to stick to the commitment of investing in nascent and innovative technologies, like hydrogen and carbon capture and storage (CCS). Using government money in this way helps to establish these sectors, attract private investment and further bring down the costs of the energy transition. 


Dr Nina Skorupska CBE, CEO of the REA (Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology), said: 

“We’re pleased to see Labour committing to several policy steps to champion the renewable and clean technology sectors. From CCUS to green hydrogen, to supporting a circular economy, tripling solar power, and backing electric vehicles, this manifesto includes a number of REA objectives. It is good to see an explicit recognition of the need to speed up grid issues.  

Delving deeper, the REA will be seeking clarification on the steps for regulatory reform, including the establishment of a Regulatory Innovation Office, to understand how they will accelerate decision making, and help align the energy and environmental landscape that we desperately need for the future. 

The REA stands ready to support Labour during this election campaign and beyond, to ensure the substantial benefits of a well planned and executed energy transition are realised on behalf of the UK’s growth.  

Enough talk, let’s get moving.