Consistently identified as the most effective way to tackle climate change in the immediate term, the decarbonisation of electricity supplies has already progressed rapidly and we are here to push it further.

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The REA has been active in the renewable power space since our inception in 2001, and was involved in championing and informing key policies such as the Feed-in Tariff, Renewables Obligation, and tax and grant schemes.

Our present electricity-sector work focuses on solar PV, biomass conversion, wave and tidal, landfill gas, gasification & pyrolysis, and energy storage. The REA’s work in electric vehicle charging infrastructure is also closely aligned.

A core cross-technology workstream for the REA is in promoting electricity system flexibility. The REA has led and supported the development of a number of crucial reports in this area, and is in regular contact with Government and Ofgem on the topic. The benefits of a smart, flexible electricity system are modelled in the National Infrastructure Commission’s seminal Smart Power report of 2016.

In 2019, the REA led on the development of:

  • Developing flexibility: the new cornerstone of the grid (June 2019, see here)
  • Flexible Futures: using data to understand and navigate the new power market (October 2019, see here)
  • The Energy Transition Readiness Index (November 2019, see here)

The REA has also supported the commissioned work of our members in this area. Key resources include:

See the resources, member forums, and news sections of the website for our latest work in this area.

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