Consistently identified as the most effective way to tackle climate change in the immediate term, the decarbonisation of electricity supplies has already progressed rapidly and we are here to push it further.


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BLOG — Feb 21, 2020

COP 26: Leading by example

To grasp the opportunities of net zero and deliver a successful climate change summit in Glasgow, the government must come forward with ambitious policies in 2020, argues the REA’s Nina Skorupska.

NEWS & PRESS RELEASES — Feb 03, 2020

REA comments on Ofgem’s Decarbonisation Action Plan

Ofgem publishes Decarbonisation Action Plan

NEWS & PRESS RELEASES — Jan 30, 2020

REA comments on Chatham House BECCS Report

REA comments on Chatham House BECCS Report

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Feb 17, 2020

UK’s plans to implement RED II provisions re Guarantees of Origin

A news item explaining the UK’s plans and uncertainty around the implementation of RED II re GoOs