Biomass UK is the REA’s member forum for biomass power. It works to promote a better understanding of biomass power and its contribution to the UK. Biomass power generation is currently the second largest producer of low carbon energy, and accounts for around 13% of UK electricity generation.

Biomass UK includes the largest group of biomass power generators in the UK, ranging in size and utilising a range of feedstocks from waste wood, to compressed wood pellets, agricultural and energy crops, like willow, miscanthus, and straw, to biogas and biofuels.

Collectively, our members are focused on furthering the success of the UK’s sustainable biomass industry and helping in the fight against climate change, to decarbonise the economy, and reach Net Zero by 2050. 

Biomass UK has launched its vision for the next government’s first 100 days in office. Picking up much of the work already underway and progressing it at pace to provide confidence and ensure generators can continue generating low carbon power and delivering critical carbon removals is very much the theme.

The vision includes calls to accelerate existing carbon capture and storage (CCS) workstreams, including the further allocation of Track 1 expansion and Track 2 cluster sequencing by the end of the year, publish the Cross Sectoral Sustainability Framework committed to in last year’s Biomass Strategy, provide policy certainty to generators approaching the end of their Renewables Obligation contracts, and publish a long-term plan for domestic feedstock production.

Read Biomass UK’s First 100 days document here.