REA Biomass is the member forum for the UK’s biomass power sector, the second largest source of renewable electricity in Britain. It works to promote a better understanding of biomass energy and its benefits to the UK.

It represents nearly 200 owners, operators, suppliers, contractors and investors in the UK’s international biomass supply chain. Between them, our members are responsible for around 7 – 9% of Britain’s electricity supply. They are focused on furthering the success of the UK’s biomass industry by working with government, politicians, media, academics and others.

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Aug 11, 2022

REA Members Briefing: Power BECCS Business Model

Member Summary of the Power Bioenergy Carbon Capture and Storage Business Model Consultation


Aug 4, 2022

Member Briefing: BEIS-Ofgem Electricity Networks Strategic Framework

Member Briefing on BEIS and Ofgem’s Joint Electricity Networks Strategic Framework


Jul 21, 2022

REA Launch Task and Finish Working Group on REMA

List of members of the REA Review of Electricity Market Arrangements (REMA) Task and Finish Working Group.