REA Organics promotes the benefits of composting, aerobic and anaerobic digestion, and other biological treatment techniques and the use of biologically treated materials for the enhancement of the environment, business and society. A diverse range of subjects is covered, from the collection and quality of source segregated biodegradable and mixed waste feedstocks through to use of composts, digestates and stabilised organic materials (the last of these being derived from mixed waste arisings).

The Organics forum was originally The Composting Association and then the Association for Organics Recycling and have been representing the sector for over 25 years. REA Organics works with the Government and regulators with the aim of evolving policies and regulations which support the circular economy and encourage the recycling of organic waste and returning the organics to soils. It also works closely with the Green Gas Forum, and many companies are members of both.

About the REA Organics Forum

The forum is comprised of over 250 members, including operators (composting and anaerobic digestion sites), service providers, consultants and companies recycling organics to land.

The Organics forum deals with a diverse set of issues but always works to ensure that our Organics members are able to lead the way in creating a sustainable and circular economy. Consultation responses play a crucial role and feedback from members helps to inform a collaborating and constructive response.

Key work streams include:

  • Quality assurance and end of waste status for composts and digestates
  • Quality of biowaste feedstocks
  • Plant operations and environmental emissions
  • Use of composts and digestates and derived products on land
  • Compostable packaging and non-packaging products
  • Optimising business opportunities for members by networking between then, with Government and other trade associations

Governance of the forum

The REA Organics forum has an elected chair and steering group

Chair: Dr Becky Wheeler, Development Director at 4R Group.

Steering Group members:

  • Andy Sibley – Managing Director, Envar
  • Ben Brown – Director, WRM
  • Charlie Trousdell – Charlie Trousdell Associates
  • Graeme Kennett – Principal Consultant, Mabbett & Associates Ltd
  • James Astor – Chairman, Regen Holdings
  • Justin Dampney – COO, Eco Sustainable Solutions
  • Ralph Lodge – Technical Director, Enva
  • Robert Benford – Partner, G K Benford & Co
  • Robert Moody – Managing Director, Jack Moody Group
  • Tony Breton – Market Specialist, Novamont
  • Stuart Hayward-Hingham – Technical Development Director, SUEZ Recycling and Recovery UK.

Member and External Engagement

The REA Organics forum hosts four meetings per year, sometimes overlapping with the Green Gas Forum meetings. Additional topic-specific meetings are held when required. The Organics Steering Group also meets four times a year.

The REA Organics Forum  communicates as needed via the Organics Newsletter and website updates, in addition to a quarterly Organics & Biogas Magazine. Communications highlight key policy developments for our members, success stories from our members, and opportunities for engagement and business development.

The REA Organics’ Scottish branch engages with members and stakeholders who are interested in or affected by policies, regulations and other issues that are relevant in Scotland.

REA Organics has working groups on Digestate and Soil Carbon.

For further information about the Organics forum activities or about joining, please contact Jenny Grant.

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