What we do

The REA is a not-for-profit trade association, established in 2001.

While the world around us has changed dramatically since we started out, our goal has always been the same: championing our members and promote a future built on renewable energy and clean technology.


REA Strategy Executive Summary – February 2021

We do this by developing informed policy and advocating on behalf of our members to Government.

We are a coalition built to be the voice for renewable energy and clean technology in the UK. We are the largest renewable energy and associated clean technology body in the UK, with around 500 member organisations representing every type of renewable energy.

Members comprise generators, project developers, fuel producers and distributors, equipment manufacturers and distributors, installers and service providers, and range from major multinationals to sole traders. We empower our member companies to build commercially and environmentally sustainable businesses, by providing the latest information on policy updates, sector-specific insights, topical briefings and industry-leading training/events.

To realise the benefits of renewable energy we must urgently develop clear and consistent policy, and create the infrastructure and routes to market that attract investors to enable this innovation to flourish.

We are working to secure the best legislative and regulatory framework for expanding renewable energy deployment and production to meet the UK’s electricity, heat, recycling, energy storage and transport needs.

Alongside helping enable our members’ success, we also work with government departments, agencies, regulators and NGOs informing and developing policy that supports a cleaner future and a growing green economy.

From battery storage to biogas, our industry is ready to work with the Government so that this transition benefits households and businesses across the country.

Together, we are working towards the Government’s goal of achieving net-zero carbon emissions.

See the REA Strategy Executive Summary for more detail.

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Our technologies

An informative overview of various forms of renewable energy and clean technology, across power, heat, transport fuels and biowaste.

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Our member forums

A space for members to find details of upcoming member meetings, share insights with each other, access reports and briefings see ongoing campaigns and activities relevant to their sector.


Our work

In a fast changing energy landscape and a climate emergency, there are a number of topics that are currently shaping the bigger picture. We’ve selected the most current areas to provide a comprehensive look at the resources, reports and latest news you need to know about. These are the policies and areas of change that are required today to achieve the UK Government’s ambitions of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.


Our team and boards

Based in London, our full-time executive team handles all operations, policy and communications with the support of a number of specialist advisers with industry expertise in individual sectors. Our Board, elected by the membership and the member forums, directs the Association’s activities.


Our Bye Laws

The REA and its members are governed by its Bye Laws. These document sets out the rules governing the Association, including the powers of the Board of Directors, membership criteria and disciplinary procedures.

The Bye Laws may be updated from time to time and the current version can be found here.


Human Rights and Supply Chain Ethics Policy

The Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology (REA) and its members are staunch defenders of human rights and condemn modern slavery, forced labour and other abuses in the strongest terms.

Not only are we committed to a net zero future and the fight against climate change, we also believe that, in order to create a sustainable and prosperous future for our planet, people must be free to live and work without oppression and persecution. The REA’s Strategy to getting to net zero, published earlier this year, includes the commitment to doing so inline with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, including contributing to targets focused on Decent Work and Justice for all.

We continue to work with our members and our partners to ensure that all supply chains are transparent, sustainable and ethical and endeavour to hold ourselves and others to the highest standards.