The transport sector became the largest source of emissions in the UK in 2018. Much more progress is needed, using both renewable transport fuels and renewably powered electric vehicles.


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BLOG — Jan 16, 2020

Guest Blog – Data-driven electric vehicle transition

Following on from the EV Energy Taskforce report launch, ElectraLink’s Gill Nowell reflects on next steps.

NEWS & PRESS RELEASES — Jan 14, 2020

REA comments on EV Energy Taskforce final report

REA comments on the EV Energy Taskforce’s final report and the 21 proposals to Government

NEWS & PRESS RELEASES — Nov 29, 2019

REA comments on Labour’s ‘Regional Manifestos’

Labour are right to deliver region specific manifestos and pathways when it comes to implementing their Green Industrial Revolution. Transitioning to a Net Zero economy cannot be a one size fits all approach.

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London - Feb 12, 2020

Launch Reception: EV Consumer Code

A seminar on public charging interoperability in the UK for industry and government stakeholders.

London - Feb 07, 2020

Seminar: Roaming Across Britain’s Public EV Charging Networks

A seminar on public charging interoperability in the UK for industry and government stakeholders.

MEMBERS ONLY London - Feb 12, 2020

Smart Energy Members Forum – BOOK NOW

Smart Energy Members Forum 12.2.20

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Dec 16, 2019

Ofgem Call for Evidence on RIIO-2 Business Plans

A Call for Evidence from Ofgem on the Electricity Transmission, Gas Transmission, Gas Distribution and Electricity System Operator Business Plans for RIIO-2


Dec 11, 2019

EBA’s updates on the European Communication on the Green Deal

Detailed updates from the European Biogas Association on the EU communication on the Green Deal

Dec 11, 2019

REA Response to Further BEIS Consultation on the Planning authority threshold for Energy Storage projects

The REA agrees with the proposal to carve out electricity storage, except pumped hydro, from the NSIP regime. As such we are keen that the proposals go ahead and wish to re-state the benefits of energy storage and why we need more such projects in the UK.