In 2018, the transport sector became the largest source of emissions in the UK – surpassing the power sector. Much more progress on decarbonisation is needed, using both renewable transport fuels and renewably powered electric vehicles.

REA is the voice for the UK’s renewable transport fuels industry and has represented the industry since 2005.  The Renewable Transport Fuels Group (RTFG) covers biodiesel, bioethanol, biomethane and development fuels, including renewable hydrogen.

In parallel to this, the REA’s EV Forum, established circa 2017, is steadily growing and now hosts over 75 members manufacturing, installing, operating, financing, and providing services to the UK EV charging sector.

The EV Forum’s work is complemented by that of the Solar, Energy Storage, and Large Scale Power & Markets Forums.

See the resources and news sections of the website for our latest work in this area.

For details about the REA’s EV Forum, click here.

For details about the REA’s Renewable Transport Fuels Forum, click here.

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REA EV Forum – CMA ad-hoc meeting

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MEMBERS ONLY Sep 14, 2020

EV Roaming Working Group

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MEMBERS ONLY Sep 03, 2020

EV Roaming Committee Members Forum

EV Roaming Committee Members Forum

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Jan 19, 2021

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Jan 18, 2021

REA Biogas Steering Group elected

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Jan 12, 2021

REA raises concerns in relation to the newly proposed gas quality specification

This items summarises the work of IGEM Gas Quality Working Group and the HSE on reviewing the gas quality specification for gas entered in the gas networks, as well as the REA’s related feedback