Our work on biowaste recycling encompasses biodegradable wastes, their composting and anaerobic digestion and wider waste management issues.  We run the leading representative group for the composting and AD sectors in respect of management of biodegradable wastes.

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Mar 21, 2023

Organics Recycling and Biogas Magazine Spring 2023

The REA have published the Spring 2023 edition of the Organics Recycling and Biogas Magazine. Read the magazine in full here.


Feb 21, 2023

Scottish Government publish consultation on ending the sale of peat

The Scottish Government have published a consultation on ending the sale of peat, firstly for retail horticulture and secondly for professional horticulture.


Feb 21, 2023

Defra publish Environmental Improvement Plan (2023)

Defra have published the Environmental Improvement Plan (2023) for England, the first revision of the 25 year Environment Plan.