Our work on biowaste recycling encompasses biodegradable wastes, their composting and anaerobic digestion and wider waste management issues.  We run the leading representative group for the composting and AD sectors in respect of management of biodegradable wastes.

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REA response to England Peat Action Plan

BLOG — Oct 28, 2020

Why it’s time to launch a rallying cry for biomass heat

Blog reveals key takeaway from Wood Heat Online 2020 conference was widespread agreement biomass heat must speak with a united voice.

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Sep 10, 2021

Quality Feedstock Resources

Quality Feedstock Resources – A page bringing together resources aimed at improving the quality of feedstocks for composting and AD. Including guidance, templates and case studies.


Aug 18, 2021

REA policy on liners and re-purposed bags for collecting targeted food waste streams

REA policy on liners and re-purposed bags suitable for separate collection of targeted food waste streams in England.


Aug 3, 2021

EA regulatory position statement on spreading organic manures

The EA have published a Regulatory Position Statement on Spreading organic manures (including compost and digestate) on agricultural land