The REA Waste to Energy Forum promotes the established waste to energy sector and helps address policy and regulatory barriers to innovative technologies to extend the sector’s role in delivering net zero and a circular economy.

The Forum covers the range of technologies involved in energy recovery from waste streams, delivering energy products including (but not limited to) power, fuels, hydrogen, carbon removals and chemical recycling. This forum also involves members working with advanced conversion technologies, such as gasification and pyrolysis.

About the REA Waste to Energy Forum

The forum is comprised of around 30 members representing a diverse range of technologies and organisation types spanning owner/operators, developers, financiers, service providers, and academics.

The REA have long promoted the energy from waste sector, having been involved in the original design of the Renewable Obligation and Contracts for Difference support mechanism. We have also been influential in the development and implementation of the Governments Waste and Resource Strategy, highlighting the interactions between sanitation services and energy policy.

In addition, the REA have supported innovative technologies in the waste to energy sector, with dedicated working groups focused on gasification and pyrolysis.

The Waste to Energy Forum also works closely with other forums in the REA, including our Organics Recycling Forum, Biomass Power Forum, Hydrogen Working Group and Renewable Transport Fuel Forum.

Key workstreams include:

  • Planning for the incoming inclusion of waste in the UK ETS
  • Changes to composition of waste
  • Carbon capture, utilisation and storage opportunities for waste to energy, including char and biochar
  • Advanced conversion technologies including pyrolysis and gasification
  • Sectoral innovation areas including use of waste feedstocks, hydrogen, and sustainable transport fuel production
  • Heat networks
  • Responding to consultations and shaping regulatory reform by Government and the Environment Agency
  • Optimising business opportunities for members by networking between them, with Government and other trade associations

Governance of the forum

The Waste to Energy Forum is currently governed by a steering committee and in process of electing a new chair.

Steering group members:

  • Gavin Anderson, Veolia
  • Hilary Stone, Imperial College London
  • Imran Hussain, Foresight Group
  • James Caldwell, Evero
  • Mark Christensen, Reliagen
  • Mark Harradine, Independent
  • Nicky Kerridge, Severn Trent Green Power
  • Sam Matthews, Foresight Group
  • Stuart Caley, Pyrocore

Member and External Engagement

The REA Waste to Energy forum hosts 2 – 4 members meetings per year, with additional topic-specific meetings held when required. The Organics Steering Group also meets a minimum of four times a year.

The Forum communicates as needed via the dedicated forum Newsletter and website updates. Communications highlight key sector policy developments, member success stories and opportunities for engagement and business development.

For further information about the Waste to Energy forum activities or about joining, please contact Mark.

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