The Waste to Energy Forum’s focus is to promote and remove any barriers to deployment for bioenergy technologies. Members of the Waste to Energy Forum sit on various industry groups, and have initiated key R&D studies on engine emissions.

Forum members are either directly or indirectly involved in energy from biomass residues, landfill gas and other waste to energy sources, and fuels covered by the Waste Directive, developing Health and Safety processes and guidance is another key focus area.

Gasification & Pyrolysis (ACT) Sub-group

This is a sub-group consisting of technology providers, project developers, owners, operators and others making energy from waste (EfW) using gasification and pyrolysis. Members meet regularly to discuss common issues and challenges, and to share best practice.

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Jan 17, 2022

MEMBER DRAFT REA Response to Consultation on Ofgem’s administration of the Boiler Upgrade Scheme

Ofgem are seeking views on their proposed administration of the BUS. The REA has drafted a response and is looking for member feedback.


Jan 7, 2022

Expected Policy Development Timeline 2022

Defra have published a consultation that aims to address measures to end the use of peat and peat containing products in the retail sector in England and Wales.


Dec 24, 2021

9th December Gasification and Pyrolysis Working Group Meeting Slides

Gasification and Pyrolysis Working Group Meeting Slides