The REA’s Electric Vehicle (EV) member forum is working to grow the market for electric vehicles sustainably – based on intelligent, flexible charging from renewables, a real world ‘well-to-wheels’ reduction in carbon intensity and improved air quality, and careful management of the load on the transmission and distribution grids.

It is comprised of over 75 companies that are manufacturing, installing, operating, consulting on, financing and providing electricity supply to EV charging infrastructure. Members range from standalone EV charging companies and OEMs, to those seeking to aggregate and manage demand or developing co-located charging infrastructure with other low-carbon technologies such as on-site solar and battery storage.

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NEWS & PRESS RELEASES — Nov 18, 2019

REA comments on Labour’s ‘Climate Apprenticeships’

The REA wholeheartedly welcomes Labour’s announcement to dedicate an apprenticeship scheme to climate change specific jobs and, in particular, the focus on upskilling existing workers.

NEWS & PRESS RELEASES — Nov 14, 2019

REA comments on the Green Party’s ‘Carbon Chancellor’ announcement

The REA welcomes the Green Party’s policy announcement today, to appoint a Carbon Chancellor. They have identified a weak link in the UK’s ambitions to decarbonise the country; the Treasury.

NEWS & PRESS RELEASES — Nov 13, 2019

Britain ranks second to last for power system flexibility in review of nine leading European countries-REA Report

Britain ranks eighth out of nine northern European countries in attracting and facilitating investment in electricity system flexibility, a new industry report finds

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Nov 13, 2019

Energy Transition Readiness Index

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Nov 5, 2019

Smart Member Forums Meeting 5th November

Presentation slides from the 5th November 2019 Smart Tech Members Meeting, held at the ICE in London.


Nov 1, 2019

REA 2019 Election Manifesto

REA 2019 Election Manifesto