Formerly the REA Biogas Forum, the REA Board took a decision to formalise the inclusion of other green gases within the scope of this Forum and rename it the REA Green Gas Forum on 4th March 2021. This change will make it clearer to members that all green gases are within this forum’s scope.

The REA Biogas Forum has been representing the biogas industry in the UK since 2004, and currently has over 200 member companies. It has been working incessantly over the years to address barriers to the development of the anaerobic digestion industry in the UK and to biomethane injection, often using specialist sub-groups and working closely with government, regulators, the ENA, and other trade associations such as the NFU.

Over the past few years, the Forum has closely engaged with members on the development and policy to support other green gases, such as biogas and biomethane from thermal gasification of biomass and pyrolysis, carbon dioxide (where used in or produced by renewable energy), bio-propane, bio-LPG and, more recently, clean (green or transitionally, blue) hydrogen.

The REA Green Gas Forum will continue to meet at least once a quarter, in the same way as the former REA Biogas Forum.

Governance of the Forum

The REA’s Green Gas Forum has an elected chair and steering group.

  • CHAIR: William Mezzullo, Senior Portfolio Manager, JLEN Portfolio Lead, Foresight Group
  • VICE-CHAIR: David Hurren, CEO of Air Liquide Biogas Solutions Europe

Steering group members include:

  • Anna Becvar, Director, Earthcare Technical
  • David Kinnersley, Partner and Head of the Agribusiness Team at Fisher German LLP
  • John Baldwin, Managing Director, CNG Services
  • Lucy Hopwood, Director and Lead Consultant for Bioenergy and Anaerobic Digestion, NNFCC
  • Lucy Owen, Environmental Compliance Manager, Marches Biogas
  • Mark Richmond, Technical Director, WRM Ltd
  • Neil Liddell-Young, Strategy & Development, Severn Trent Green Power
  • Philipp Lukas, MD, Future Biogas
  • Richard Gueterbock, Director, Food Chains
  • Thomas Minter, Director, Malaby Biogas

Hydrogen working group

The REA is also planning to set up a working group within the Green Gas Forum especially dedicated to hydrogen, its production and uses, aimed at moving the hydrogen agenda forward within Government. The group will help gauge our member’s feedback on the key barriers and challenges of hydrogen adoption as well as inform our key policy recommendations to unlock the potential for hydrogen across heat, power and transport. It will also help co-ordinate and inform REA’s lobbying activities across a number of other Forums, including Renewable Transport Fuels, Energy Storage, Energy from Waste, Markets and Innovation.

For further information on the name and scope change and to join our future Hydrogen working group, please get in touch with us.

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