Formerly the REA Biogas Forum, the REA Board took a decision in March 2021  to formalise the inclusion of green gases other than biogas within the scope of this Forum and rename it the REA Green Gas Forum. This change has made  it clearer to members that all green gases are within this forum’s scope.

Green gases include biogas and biomethane from  anaerobic digestion, thermal gasification of biomass and pyrolysis, carbon dioxide (where used in or produced by renewable energy), bio-propane, bio-LPG and, more recently, hydrogen.

Since its formation, the Forum has been working incessantly to overcome barriers to the development and operation of green gas plants and help shape Government policy to support green gases.

Governance of the Forum

The REA’s Green Gas Forum has an elected chair and a vice-chair, one steering group (split into two groups, one focused on biogas and one focused on hydrogen) as well as a Hydrogen Working Group.

  • CHAIR: David Hurren, Freelance
  • VICE-CHAIR: Dr Nick Primmer, Policy Lead Future Biogas

Steering group members with biogas focus include:

  • Anna Becvar, Director, Earthcare Technical
  • Alison Cartwright, Senior Project Manager, CNG Services
  • David Kinnersley, Partner and Head of the Agribusiness Team at Fisher German LLP
  • Henry Haworth, Energy Manager/ Senior Associate, Brown & Co (JH Walter)
  • Lucy Hopwood, Director and Lead Consultant for Bioenergy and Anaerobic Digestion, NNFCC
  • Lucy Owen, Environmental Compliance Manager, Marches Biogas
  • Mark Christensen, Founder & Director, Reliagen
  • Mark Richmond, Technical Director, WRM Ltd
  • Richard Gueterbock, Director, Food Chains
  • Simon Farris, Bioresources Strategy Manager, Severn Trent
  • Thomas Minter, Director, Malaby Biogas
  • William Mezzullo, Head of Hydrogen, Centrica

REA Hydrogen Steering Group

The REA appointed a Steering Group of hydrogen members in March 2022 to assist the REA Green Gas and Hydrogen forum chair and REA policy team in the coming years, as well as direct the REA Strategy for the hydrogen sector to reflect members’ needs and ensure the association’s plans progress.

Steering group members are ambassadors for both the Association, as well as the industry more widely to external stakeholders.

Our Hydrogen Steering Group members are:

  • David Hurren, CEO of Air Liquide Biogas Solutions Europe (REA Green Gas & Hydrogen Forum Chair)
  • John Baldwin, Managing Director, CNG Services
  • Stuart Reid, Head of Net Zero Customer Solutions, AMP Clean Energy
  • Duncan Coneybeare, Strategy, Policy and Markets Director, HiiROC
  • Horace Wheeler, Head of Net Zero Economics Strategy, Cadent
  • James Collins, Head of Business Development, ITM Power
  • Mike Cairns-Terry, Principal Engineer, Progressive Energy
  • Neil Stuchbury, Director of Sales & Marketing, Thyson Technology
  • Dalia Mujumder- Russell, Partner (Energy), CMS
  • William Mezzullo, Head of Hydrogen, Centrica
  • Chris Holmes, Partner, Foresight Group

REA Hydrogen working group

The REA has a working group dedicated to hydrogen that sits under the umbrella of the long-established Green Gas and Hydrogen Forum.

REA works to shape policy, incentives and regulatory frameworks developed by Government to support the clean hydrogen economy. The working group is aimed at moving hydrogen forward with Government and works with other parts of the REA such as the REA Renewable Transport Fuels Forum, the Long-Duration Working Group of the Energy Storage Forum, the REA Energy from Waste Forum (including the Gasification and Pyrolysis Group), and REA International. With many years of experience in policy and regulations and extensive engagement with Government, our policy team can help pull together all the different strands of work and policies relevant to the development of the hydrogen economy into a coherent whole and help shape Government policy to support the scale up of the clean hydrogen sector.

REA work on hydrogen_23112022

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