Deep Geothermal

Our Deep Geothermal Forum focuses on securing financial support for deep geothermal development, and influencing for a supportive planning regime to aid the roll-out of the technology.

To date it has been successful in securing a dedicated Renewable Heat Incentive tariff for deep geothermal heating projects and has campaigned for Government to examine planning changes to support deep geothermal development.

Ocean Energy

Marine renewable energy, encompassing wave and tidal energy, is a massive untapped resource in the UK with 50% of Europe’s entire tidal resource potential.

Our Ocean Energy Forum strives to ensure that the development of the marine renewables industry is enabled through effective financial, technical or other forms of support.


Hydrogen is a carbon-free form of energy with the potential to decarbonise those sectors that are facing the biggest challenges with decarbonisation – such as aviation, shipping, and freight transport. As an emerging technology, hydrogen production sits within our Innovation Forum.

Hydrogen deployment is of strong interest to members across the REA Forums, including Renewable Transport Fuels, Biogas, Large Scale Power, and Energy Storage, with an increasing number of members actively pursuing this technology.


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