The UK’s net zero carbon ambition requires almost the complete decarbonisation of heat, making this a vital area of focus during the climate crisis.

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NEWS & PRESS RELEASES — Feb 21, 2020

REA comments on cleaner fuels for domestic burning consultation

REA comments on the Defra response to the consultation on air quality: using cleaner fuels for domestic burning

BLOG — Feb 21, 2020

COP 26: Leading by example

To grasp the opportunities of net zero and deliver a successful climate change summit in Glasgow, the government must come forward with ambitious policies in 2020, argues the REA’s Nina Skorupska.

NEWS & PRESS RELEASES — Feb 07, 2020

REA comment on Britain’s first all-electric bus town

Government to offer to £50m for a local authority to make the switch to 100% electric buses

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Feb 21, 2020

Member Briefing on DEFRA response to using cleaner fuels for domestic burning consultation

Outline of proposals and next steps in Government action to cut pollution from household burning.


Feb 17, 2020

BEIS announce £40 million funding for heat networks alongside consultation

This news item outlines BEIS’ recent developments on heat networks


Feb 17, 2020

More hints on the RHI successor and the future of hydrogen

An item about further hints given last week in Parliament on the RHI successor