The UK’s net zero carbon ambition requires almost the complete decarbonisation of heat, making this a vital area of focus during the climate crisis.

Also visit our subsidiary, the Wood Heat Association (WHA) for more information.


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Jul 10, 2020

Conducting community consultations in the age of COVID-19

Conducting community consultations in the age of COVID-19

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May 4, 2021

REA submits response to Scottish Heat in Buildings Strategy consultation

This resource item contains our response to the Scottish Government consultation on their draft Heat in Buildings Strategy


Apr 30, 2021

NNFCC Publishes 2021 Anaerobic Digestion Deployment in the UK Report

This item includes information about the new report on AD Deployment published by the NNFCC.


Apr 29, 2021

REA initial recommendations on key policies to kick start hydrogen development

This item includes our initial recommendations to Government on the top priorities to help kick start the development of clean hydrogen