Energy storage technologies have the potential to revolutionise the UK’s energy mix, increasing capacity and efficiency across the energy spectrum. Far from belonging to the future energy storage technologies, from big batteries to pumped hydro, are already a reality. Work on their application has begun in the UK, but, if their incredible potential is to be realised, further development and deployment must be actively supported.

Renewable energy is vital for the UK’s future; it means less reliance on energy imports, lower bills, more jobs and lower greenhouse gas emissions. Growth in renewable technologies is strong but if we are to achieve a sustainable low-carbon future, a solution must be found to the problem of wrong-time or intermittent supply. Energy storage offers such a solution.

The APPG on Energy Storage has been set up to promote awareness of energy storage technologies and create a dedicated forum to share knowledge and debate future policy options. Bringing together Parliamentarians, businesses, NGOs and experts in the field at a range of events, the APPG will offer a unique platform from which to propel innovative energy storage technologies into the mainstream.


NOTE: From the 6th November until after the General Election parliament is dissolved. This means all APPGs no longer exist. Former members of the APPG on Energy Storage intend to move to re-form the group following the election. 

Peter Aldous MP – Chair (Conservative)

Mr Aldous, Member of Parliament for Waveney, has been a powerful advocate for renewable energy since he entered parliament in 2010. Campaigning actively to promote the creation of a low-carbon economy Mr Aldous believes in the potential of energy storage technologies to transform the role of renewable generation within the UKs energy mix.

Dr Alan Whitehead MP – Vice-Chair (Labour)

Dr Whitehead is the Shadow Minister for Energy and Climate Change.

Lord Teverson – Vice-Chair (Liberal Democrat)

Lord Teverson is the Liberal Democrat Spokesperson on Energy and Climate Change in the House of Lords, and Chairs the EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee.

Alan Brown MP – Vice-Chair (SNP)

Alan Brown is the SNP spokesperson on Infrastructure and Energy.

Minutes of past APPG meetings 

Minutes of meeting 17 July 2019 (Making Consumers Confident about Batteries; Health and Safety in Domestic and Commercial Battery Storage) – view here.

Presentations from meeting 25 Feb 2019 (Markets and a Future for flexibility) – view here.

Income and Expenditure Statement, Passed at AGM 2018 – view here.

Minutes of Annual General Meeting – 12 December 2018 – view here

Minutes of meeting 23rd July 2018 – (Smart Systems and Flexibility Plan, One Year On) – view here

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 12 September 2017 – view here 

Income and Expenditure Statement, Passed at AGM 2017 – view here.

Minutes of meeting 7 September 2017 (Investigating the Government’s Smart Systems and Flexibility Plan) – view here

Minutes of meeting 28 March 2017 (large-scale energy storage, including pumped hydro)  – view here.

Minutes of Annual General Meeting 18 October 2016 – view here.

Income and Expenditure Statement, Passed at AGM 2016 – view here.

Minutes of meeting 14 September 2016 (Developing a world-class energy storage industry) – view here.

Minutes of meeting 20 July 2016 (Energy Storage and the Low Carbon Economy) – view here.

Minutes of meeting 21 April 2016 (Home Batteries) – view here.

Minutes of previous meetings can be accessed by emailing [email protected].




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