Advances in energy storage technology solution to wind drought

  • Energy storage technology is already widely used in mobile phone batteries.
  • Renewable energy family capable of providing a reliable renewable source of energy whatever the weather.
  • Renewables provided nearly 30% of the UK’s commercial and domestic needs in 2017.

Responding to National Grid wind drought figures, Frank Gordon, Policy Manager, Renewable Energy Association, said:

“The renewable energy family continues to perform well, powering nearly 30% of Britain’s commercial and domestic needs over the last year, waste-to-energy, biomass plants, wind and solar are setting generation records and enjoy record levels of public support.

“Advances in energy storage technologies ensure energy stability to the grid, storing excess energy produced by renewables such as wind and solar for periods when we experience less wind or sun.

“Baseload renewable technologies such as waste-to-energy plants, and wave and tidal power also offer reliable sources of renewable energy for periods of high-demand or low generation from other sources due to weather conditions.”