This member forum is for any organisation that is involved in renewable electricity generation for delivery to the grid. It does not serve a particular technology or renewable resource, but cuts across all power generation technologies and naturally links to a number of the REA’s technology-focused forums.

The Large Scale Power & Markets Forum works on issues which might affect the Renewable Power Markets – particularly those which might damage investor confidence. It considers and argues for changes which could improve the operation of the market and also looks very carefully at proposed amendments to the legislation such as CfDs and the SEG, as well as the grid and networks sector.

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Apr 15, 2024

UK Low Carbon and Renewable Energy Economy Statistics for 2022

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has published a report estimating the size of the UK’s low carbon and renewable energy economy (LCREE), including turnover and employment for 2022.


Apr 9, 2024

REA REMA 2 Consultation Summary – Slides from Members Townhall Discussion

Slides from Members Townhall Discussion