Biomass decision will support emissions reduction

  • Government decision to amend the “Renewables Obligation” scheme will limit financial support given to coal-to-biomass conversion units
  • The decision, while a reduction in overall support, shows a softening compared to earlier proposals
  • The proposals better enable flexibility in plant operation which could reduce coal generation at peak times

The REA is welcoming the Government’s response to the consultation on limiting support for biomass conversion under the Renewables Obligation scheme. The decision not to undermine existing biomass assets is a positive one and, while the response will limit the sector’s growth, it is seen as an acceptable compromise. The decision was taken in order to limit spending ahead of the 2025 coal phase-out deadline.

Benedict McAleenan, Head of Biomass UK at the Renewable Energy Association said:

“The UK’s biomass power industry is key to our low-carbon future. It provides around 22% of the UK’s renewable power capacity and offers a way to replace coal without compromising on our stable energy supply. The industry has invested billions in highly cost-effective infrastructure – including key trading facilities such as ports and rail freight – which supports thousands of businesses and tens of thousands of jobs around the UK.

“Sustainable biomass supports forest growth and coal-to-biomass conversion results in very significant carbon emissions reduction. Replacing coal directly can cut emissions up to 90%, but all biomass must cut lifecycle emissions by at least 60% compared to fossil fuels. Supplier forests in the USA have more than doubled their inventories since the 1950s and EU working forests have seen net growth of 38% since 1990.

“This decision will support the Government’s ambition of phasing out coal by 2025 while controlling costs for taxpayers.”


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