Charging hub proposals link storage and EVs

  • £1.6 billion programme for EV charging proposed which will combine rapid charging with battery storage
  • Proposals would make for “the world’s largest network of rapid charging stations”

Pivot Power, a new market entrant into the EV charging sector, has announced plans to develop up to 45 EV charging hubs in the UK each co-located with 50MW battery storage units. The plans are welcomed by National Grid.

Daniel Brown, EV lead at the Renewable Energy Association said:

“It is excellent to see National Grid supporting new market entrants and the development of the EV charging network.

“Batteries and other forms of energy storage will increasingly support charging at homes, workplaces, industrial sites and at larger hubs, which will reduce the overall costs of this transition. It will also help renewable technologies contributing low-cost and low-carbon power to sites such as these in the future.

“Today’s announcement is a positive step towards the development of an affordable, reliable, and comprehensive charging network in the UK. Planning reforms, for example classing EV charging hubs as strategically important infrastructure and extending to them ‘code rights’ similar to those the telecoms industry receives, would help projects such as these move forward quickly.”


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Notes to editors

  • The full Pivot Power press release can be found here.
  • Charging hubs and other EV infrastructure requirements will be discussed at the REA’s forthcoming EX Experience conference on the 7th June in London, details here.

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