Environment Agency launch consultation on standard rules permits for biowaste

This consultation proposes revising the standard rules sets for biowaste including anaerobic digestion, composting and sewage sludge treatment. The EA also propose to withdraw some rule sets. There are currently 21 rule sets listed for biowaste treatment facilities. The EA propose to reduce the number of standard rules by transposing like for like activity.

This consultation asks your views on revising the standard rules sets based on the EAs review of the risks posed by biowaste treatment.

For composting there are eight sets of rules that are to be revised and for AD and sewage sludge a further seven rule sets are up for revision. For Mechanical and Biological Treatment (MBT) there are two rule sets under scrutiny.

The EA is in the process of conducting a review of bespoke permits starting with the poorer performing sites.

Please click HERE for a link to the full consultation document.

Q: Why does the EA want to revise the existing rule sets?

A: Reduce incidents relating to odour, emissions and poor performers and also reduce the impact of biowaste processing on climate change.