Encouraging starting point for electric vehicles

Responding to the Road to Zero strategy.

James Court, Head of Policy & External Affairs, Renewable Energy Association said:

“The Road to Zero strategy is a very encouraging starting point which will address some of the most immediate challenges for electric vehicles. Charging infrastructure is consistently stated as one of the biggest hurdles for consumers, and this strategy promises very welcome funding and new regulations for home, work and motorway charging.

“Electric Vehicles and charging infrastructure are key to the future decentralised energy system that will lead to a smarter, cleaner and cheaper market, but we need to make sure we are having a no regrets revolution, and that starts with ensuring we are putting in smart chargers that will give homeowners and the grid flexibility.

“The government also needs to make sure we are not overlooking easy and cost effective solutions for better air quality and climate targets available right now, with biofuels able to provide significant reductions in road transport immediately, starting with the introduction of E10 which would double the amount of renewable fuels currently in the fuel mix. “


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Notes for editors

  • The link to the report can be found here: http://www.nnebooks.co.uk/REA/REA%20REview%202018/index.html
  • REview 2018 will be launched at the REA’s ‘Shared Ambition: Advancing EU and UK Cooperation on Climate Targets’ conference on Thursday 28th June, which will examine both the status of renewable energy deployment and developing policy frameworks. Stakeholders from across industry and Government will come together to explore how a new climate relationship between the UK and the EU will develop post-Brexit, understanding how shared ambitions of decarbonisation and closer energy union will continue to be realised.

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