Nov 09 2022, 12:00 - 13:00



NDRHI Heat Meter Recalibration Member Meeting

Last week Ofgem sent communication to NDRHI companies participants reminding them that RHI Regulations requires every participant to recalibrate all payment meters and steam measuring equipment to be recalibrated or replaced at least every 10 years (or in line with manufacturer’s instructions where available, whichever is sooner).  The communication reiterated requirements that: 

  • If being recalibrated, Ofgem expect that the meters are sent away to be recalibrated by the manufacturer or by an independent testing laboratory to meet the requirements.
  • If your recalibrated meters have been set to zero, you’ll need to provide Ofgem with a date stamped photo as evidence. You’re required to notify Ofgem within 28 days and submit an amendment via the NDRHI register.
  • If the recalibrated meter readings continue from pre recalibration an amendment is not necessary
  • A reminder to take meter readings prior to removal of the meter and following its re-attachment (photo evidence is also highly recommended)
  • The communication also highlighted requirements if participants chose to replace their meter with a new meter, instead of recalibration.

Several members have contacted us expressing concern at these requirements. Thus we have organised a member’s meeting to discuss how to respond and next steps.

It is worth noting that REA has previously raised concerns about meter recalibration requirements with Ofgem and we look to continue this discussion in order to seek a pragmatic route to meeting the obligations.

Details for joining the online sessions will be sent to all delegates who register to attend the event. This is a REA members only event.

We look forward to you joining us.