Aug 18 2021, 10:00 - 11:30



Carbon Capture Readiness Call for Evidence

BEIS has launched a call for evidence on the expansion of the 2009 Carbon Capture Readiness requirements. This call for evidence follows the commitment for the government to consult on an expansion to the CCR requirements. BEIS are views on how to expand CC requirements to ensure that all new build combustion power plants have a viable route to decarbonisation. Additionally, BEIS are seeking views on how to make the requirements more flexible.

We will be holding a members meeting at 10am on Wednesday 18th August. REA staff will present our initial position for members to feedback on. We will then take this feedback and use it to write the official REA response.

Changes and issues we will cover include:

  • Expanding the scope of Decarbonisation Readiness to include technologies which were before excluded from CCR. Including, heat generation, biomass, energy from waste (EfW) and combined heat and power (CHP).
  • Removing the 300 MW minimum capacity threshold at which the requirements apply.
  • Moving the Decarbonisation Readiness requirements from the planning process to the permitting process. The EA and Natural Resources Wales would be responsible for the implementation of the requirements in England and Wales.
  • The option to follow Decarbonisation Readiness through hydrogen conversion, besides the retrofitting of CCS.
  • Ensuring that the economic and technical feasibility assessments are updated to reflect developments.
  • Allowing developers to choose between CCS, hydrogen conversion and any future decarbonisation technologies.
  • Ensuring that the assessments for Decarbonisation Readiness are achievable for developers.

You can read the Call for Evidence Document here

You can read the REA’s draft response here

For any questions please email the events team at [email protected].