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Oct 11 2023, 20:30



Cré & REA Anaerobic Digestion Study Tour to Austria & Germany

Cré in partnership with The Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology (REA) and Informa Consultants have organised a study tour to Austria and Germany to mainly visit dry anaerobic digestion plants of biowaste, wet digestion of food waste and dry anaerobic digestion of garden waste.

This is the fifth study tour abroad that Cré has organised. The tour will provide an opportunity to visit experienced plants which we can learn from.

• Dry anaerobic digestion of biowaste
• Wet anaerobic digestion of food waste
• Biogas is used in CHP or upgraded to biomethane which is injected into the gas grid
• Dry anaerobic digestion of garden waste

The study tour includes the following:
• Two nights B&B accommodation (single rooms)
• Evening meals
• Lunches
• Internal travel within Austria and Germany (Munich -> Linz -> Passau -> Aiterhofen -> Weihenstaphan -> Altenstadt Schongau -> Munich)

Here is a quote from one of our delegates on a previous tour:

“For someone who has been involved with Organics recycling, on a domestic level, for most of my life, it was refreshing to see an alternative approach…I took an immense amount of value from the trip, and would implore any operators or wider stakeholders, to attend any future trips.  Huge, thanks go to Cré and all involved for organising such an invigorating (and very enjoyable) event” Justin Dampney, Eco Sustainable Solutions

The tour outline and more information can be found ⁠here.

Email Sinead ([email protected]) to make a booking.

You will be sent an invoice and your booking will be confirmed when payment has been received.