Jun 17 2021, 18:00 - 19:15



Energy Transition Series: Buildings


Series of webinars organised by PES GB and REA
On-line weekly EVENING sessions | May through July 2021 | 6:00 pm – 7:15 pm

Following the PES GB’s successful first webinar series held over the summer 2020 (with its main aims to increase the awareness of its members of the spectrum of industries operating in the UK to deliver clean energy (zero net greenhouse gases), the REA and PES GB are hosting a webinar series delving deeper into the Energy Transition story.

Buildings are the second largest source of emissions in the UK (after transport), with 90% of homes using fossil fuels for heating cooking and hot water.  From an energy system perspective, decisions on a ‘gas/hydrogen’ led or an ‘electricity’ led transition are critical to understanding the role of natural gas in our energy mix.  A system majoring on using the existing gas network for hydrogen (produced from natural gas – blue hydrogen) clearly has implications on gas producers and LNG importers to the UK.  An electricity led system founded on heat pumps, brings a different set of challenges particularly combined with a transition to electric vehicles and a substantial increase in demand (this is addressed in the power webinar on 27 May 2021)

The government’s policy drivers are founded on two levers:

  • To make buildings more energy efficient and therefore provide incentives for building improvements
  • Incentives for the take up of new energy systems and technologies (heat pumps, biomethane, hydrogen)

It is interesting to note that despite the vast amounts of government support to make the building sector more energy efficient, nothing has substantially changed.  A critical discussion point for the webinar will be the effectiveness in the proposed policy interventions to drive change.

To debate this topic, we will be inviting leading housing providers, technology providers and representatives from BEIS to discuss how they will be responding to the White Paper.


WEBINAR SCHEDULE | 6:00 pm – 7:15 pm

Thursday 17 June 2021 – Buildings – what will it take to eliminate emissions from our homes and businesses by 2050?



Thursday 24 June 2021 – Industrial Energy – the transformation of industry through the decarbonisation of energy 

Thursday 01 July 2021 – Oil & Gas – rising to the challenge of the energy transition and the profound implications of the change ‘imposed’ on the oil and gas industry 

Thursday 08 July 2021 – Summary and final thoughts – bringing it all together for a Net Zero future


More information on all session topics and speakers soon to be announced.


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