Energy Transition Series: Power


Series of webinars organised by PES GB and REA
On-line weekly EVENING sessions | May through July 2021 | 6:00 pm – 7:15 pm

Following the PES GB’s successful first webinar series held over the summer 2020 (with its main aims to increase the awareness of its members of the spectrum of industries operating in the UK to deliver clean energy (zero net greenhouse gases), the REA and PES GB are hosting a webinar series delving deeper into the Energy Transition story.

All key stakeholders agree that electricity is a key enabler for the transition away from fossil fuels and decarbonising the economy cost-effectively by 2050. This belief also acknowledges that electricity demand could double from what it is today as other energy requirements, such as how we heat and cool our homes, businesses and industry as well as transport turn to low carbon electricity to “power” the transition. The extraordinary progress in decarbonisation of power over the last 10 years gives decision makers confidence for this ambition. With such a reliance on power, it is also abundantly clear that the decisions and actions taken over the NEXT 10 years will determine whether Net Zero can be achieved at all. Whilst the White Paper describes the volume and mix of established renewable technologies in the UK Government’s focus, there is also a need to see major gains in the “less established” low carbon opportunities. Will we see at least one major power carbon capture usage and storage (CCUS) project by 2030 as well as further developments in nuclear technology in time? How does this continued focus on more centralised power projects sit with the growing deployment of renewables and smart technologies on buildings and in regional, decentralised forms of power solutions (a topic we will explore further later in the Webinar Series).

To help explore the challenges facing the deployment of these technologies and ability to progress them at pace, Hamish Wilson, Founder/Lead & Renewables Expert, BluEnergy, will host a conversation with the three leaders of companies championing the different technologies, from solar, wind and bioenergy through to nuclear and gas with CCUS.


WEBINAR SCHEDULE | 6:00 pm – 7:15 pm

Thursday, 27th May 2021 – Power – the progress in decarbonising power over the next 10 years could make or break the Net Zero strategy as a whole

This webinar will feature:

Hamish Wilson (Founder, BluEnergy)
Hamish Wilson’s career spans both the oil industry and renewables and includes leading technology and consultancy companies from start-up through to trade sale. He has consulted at senior executive level for a number of the world’s largest oil companies on exploration strategy and performance. The insights he gained from advising on oil company capital allocation processes, combined with a deep understanding of renewable energy risk and reward profiles, gives him a unique perspective on how to succeed in the transition to a low carbon future.

Alan Woods (Director Strategy and Business Development – SMR, Rolls Royce)
Alan is Director Strategy and Business Development for Rolls-Royce’s SMR business responsible for growth of the business covering market and customer development, creation of programme partnerships, and funding of both the new SPV company as well as the strategy for creating future deployment funding options.

Tom Glover (Chief Commercial Officer, RWE Renewables GmbH and Country Chair, RWE UK)
Tom is the Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) and Executive Board member of RWE Renewables GmbH and RWE UK Country Chair.



Thursday 03 June 2021 – Energy Systems – our race to Net zero must accommodate a digitised, decarbonised, decentralised and democratic energy world

Thursday 10 June 2021 – Transport – understanding the six strategic priorities on the journey to deliver a Net Zero Transport system 

Thursday 17 June 2021 – Buildings – what will it take to eliminate emissions from our homes and businesses by 2050? (see ‘Sessions 6-9’ tab)

Thursday 24 June 2021 – Industrial Energy – the transformation of industry through the decarbonisation of energy (see ‘Sessions 6-9’ tab)

Thursday 01 July 2021 – Oil & Gas – rising to the challenge of the energy transition and the profound implications of the change ‘imposed’ on the oil and gas industry 

Thursday 08 July 2021 – Summary and final thoughts – bringing it all together for a Net Zero future


More information on all session topics and speakers soon to be announced.


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