Jul 06 2020, 11:00 - 12:30



EV Experience – the Future of Payments for EV Charging


The REA is hosting its third annual EV Experience by 2025 in June and July 2020. Due to social distancing, rather than host a full-day event we will be hosting three webinars over three days. This year’s panel themes are Rapid Charging, the Future of Payments, and COVID & eMobility.

You are invited to the third webinar in this series attend the panel discussion The Future of Payments for EV Charging: How will consumers pay to use public EV charging infrastructure by 2030? 

Our expert panel presents their views, followed by debate with attendees.

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By 2030, the way fleet and individual electric vehicle drivers in the UK pay for their power at public charging stations will look markedly different. Many in the sector expect that we will have moved on from a system dominated by pay-as-you-go and numerous confusing membership accounts to one which is more integrated across providers, and that gives consumers more information about their sessions. However, the final system or systems which gain prominence will be the result of auto manufacturer, charge point operator, and consumer/fleet preferences, not to mention how technology changes and how government chooses to intervene.

This event will feature forward-looking presentations and debate from market stakeholders on trends relating to payments for public EV charging. Speakers include:

  • CHAIR: Scott Edy, UK Business Development Manager, Virta
  • Christelle Verstraeten, ChargeUp Europe (12 minutes)
    • On the new European EV alliance ChargeUp Europe, an introduction to the key trends in EV payments, and their vision for how payments develop by 2030. 
  • Donald Hopper, Founder & CEO, EVA Global (12 minutes)
    • On the consumer experience of payments for EVs across the UK and Europe, derived from EV Assist’s experience managing consumer calls at charging points in 18 countries. 
  • Daniel Brown, Policy Manager & EV lead, REA (12 minutes)
    • On the current regulatory framework relating to payments for EV charging in the UK, how this may be shifting, and key innovations in the payments space that have caught the REA’s eye.
  • Ed Lea, Founder, ChargeFairy (5 minutes)
    • On ChargeFairy’s vision for mobile charging infrastructure as an alternative to on-street and other forms of public charging.
  • Tom Hurst, Network Development Manager UK, Fastned (5 minutes)

Presentations and comments will be followed by a Q&A with the chair and audience. Come prepared with your questions!

About the EV Experience conference

The REA’s annual EV Experience is an opportunity for stakeholders in the UK’s electric vehicle industry to convene and envision the collective consumer experience of the vehicles, charge points, and other EV products that will be on the market. Organised for the industry by the industry.

Relevant attendees include:

  • charge point operators,
  • fleet operators,
  • energy suppliers,
  • EVSE and automotive manufacturers,
  • property owners,
  • payments platforms,
  • property developers,
  • policy makers,
  • local authorities,
  • NGOs,
  • and others involved in the EV supply chain.

Event Details

  • Title: The Future of Payments for EV Charging
  • Date: Monday, 6th July 2020
  • Time: 11:00am to 12:30pm
  • Registration via link above
  • Cost: free to all
  • Webinar platform: GoToWebinar
  • Media policy: journalists are welcome to attend
  • This session will be recorded.

If you have any questions please contact [email protected]