Feb 08 2023, 08:30

Feb 09 2023, 17:00



Foresight Hydrogen Live 2023

Foresight Hydrogen Live 2023 is an international conference, exhibition and networking event bringing the hydrogen ecosystem from around the world.

Liverpool, located in the Northwest of England, plays host to the country’s leading Hydrogen cluster and therefore plays a fitting location for the global Hydrogen community.

The event will provide the opportunity for the global Hydrogen ecosystem to share thought leadership, highlight leading projects, build relationships, attract investment, shape future policy and advance hydrogen economies.

The event aims to transform Hydrogen into a serious global force to deliver NetZero, expand our economic boundaries, create jobs and secure a sustainable future for all.

The impact of Hydrogen across energy, industry, buildings and transport provides a realistic solution to decarbonise these hard to abate sectors and Foresight Hydrogen Live plans to prove it.