Jan 20 2021, 16:00 - 18:00



REA Strategy Webinar

Over the past few months, the REA Team have been hard at work developing an REA strategic roadmap of how to deliver the UK’s legally-binding Net Zero by 2050 target. In achieving this target, the renewable energy and clean technology sectors will be expected to play a leading role. In developing this strategy with the REA Board, Policy Board, and broader membership, we present not only a view of what the positive impact can be of the renewable energy and clean technology, but also a new impact ambition, which will shape our work for our members and society as a whole for the period of the REA’s 3-year business plan and foreseeable future.

We have benefited significantly thanks to the input of some of our members so far: those part of the REA Board and Policy Board, as well as some of our broader membership. We have produced a complete strategy document, and, as we near a time where we would like to make public our vision for the years leading to 2050 and our commitment to supporting the necessary efforts, we would like to invite the REA membership to engage in this process.

On the 20th of January, we will be hosting a webinar to outline and discuss the REA strategic roadmap. The webinar will include an outline of the final document as it currently stands. The REA strategic roadmap has approached the pursuit of Net Zero through four pillars: Heat, Transport, Circular Bioresources, and Power. The pillar leads, all experienced members of the REA policy team, will be in attendance and presenting the REA strategic roadmap.