Initially we were drawn to join the REA because of the wealth of research and industry knowledge and expertise afforded through this affiliation. This association aims to promote the use of renewable energy and clean technology through advocacy, policy development, and the provision of information, which aligns well with European Biomass Company’s (EBC) own business strategy in the UK and the rest of Europe; with best practice examples being applied further afield in EBC’s African affiliate – Africa Biomass Company [ABC].

Our organisation, European Biomass Company “EBC” manufactures and supplies state-of-the-art biomass processing technologies, dealing with affiliates in the US, UK, Spain and Southern Africa. We process various forms of renewable biomass products including sustainable fuel grade wood chips, mulch, compost, firewood and other organically based soil amendments. Joining the REA was the natural ‘next step’ in growing EBC, as the combination of our product offering and our commitment to sustainability, the circular economy and decarbonisation dovetailed perfectly with the benefits offered through the REA’s trade association, which represents over 550 companies in the renewable energy and clean technology sectors in the UK. The resources offered by the REA include industry reports, case studies, and technical guidance which will continue to have a significantly positive impact in our decision-making processes and organisational growth.

Our industry is competitive and differentiation from competitors is of key importance in our market. As a well-respected association within the renewable energy industry, our membership with the REA has brought greater credibility and validity to our offering within this sector; and has also expanded our customer base. Membership has afforded us opportunities to engage with like-minded companies: exploring synergies and unlocking additional business opportunities in the biomass sector for EBC. Currently this is deemed as integral to growth and expansion for our company.

We place crucial importance on maintaining a critical edge to stay up to date with the latest developments in the renewable energy industry. In this regard the REA provides regular updates on industry news and developments, as well as opportunities to participate in working groups and special interest groups. This assists EBC to identify new trends, emerging markets, and positions us to take advantage of new opportunities as they arise.

One of the major factors that attracted us to the REA was their influence on policy development in the renewable energy industry. This is of particular importance to EBC, as policies and regulations can impact industry, funding opportunities and market incentives. Active membership with the REA affords us opportunities to provide input and feedback on policy development and gives us a voice to advocate for policies that support the growth of renewable energy and clean technology.

Willem van der Merwe, CEO of European Biomass Company, said: “Joining the REA demonstrates EBC’s commitment to promoting sustainability and the use of renewable energy. As a company specialising in the production and supply of sustainable biomass products and services, membership with the REA was a no brainer. Sustainability is increasingly becoming a key consideration for consumers and investors and remains core to our offering at EBC.”