At COP 28, the REA increased our engagement to new heights by hosting a pavilion in the renowned Blue Zone of the conference, with our partners: Drax and KPMG. The Renewable Energy Action (REAction) Pavilion focused on championing renewable energy technologies and solutions that can be deployed today to mitigate climate change and deliver a just and speedy transition to a 100% renewable energy economy.


You can see the full list of REA engagements at COP 28 here.

REA Pavilion/Presentation Stage Events Overview:

Our activities spanned high-level discussions, health and relief dialogues, finance and trade insights, and discussions on energy, industry, and just transition. We’ve covered a spectrum of topics, from mobilizing biomass sustainably to the role of banks in accelerating the real economy transition.

Engaging Events: From presentations on the business case for sustainability to discussions on cities’ action and youth involvement, we have been actively contributing to the global dialogue on renewable energy and climate action.

Thought Leadership: REA International, along with our partners and sponsors, has been recognized for our organization, efforts, and initiative, receiving extremely positive feedback from main sponsors like Drax, Lightsource bp, and KPMG.


Key outcomes:

  • The REA hosted and organised 26 events at our pavilion, a larger shared space, or as official UN side events over 10 days.
  • REA staff chaired or spoke at 17 events during their time at COP.
  • Attended two UK high-level policy briefings, one evening invitation from the Kings Foundation and the closing ceremony of the China pavilion.
  • REA staff spent over 540 hours at the REAction pavilion or in the blue zone. Lindsay Barnett spent the most time womaning the stand during our time here.
  • The Pavilion was visited by over 1000 individuals from dozens of countries, and collectively REA staff communicated in 3 languages to visitors to the Pavilion.


REA’s Official Pavilion Partners

We couldn’t have made the REAction Pavilion a reality without our partners – Drax Group and KPMG; their support will remain crucial for the REA to build our platform at the most prestigious climate conference in the world.