In a world increasingly shaped by the urgency of climate change, there has never been a more critical time to understand and actively participate in the global effort towards sustainable energy solutions. The REA’s UK Climate Change Response and Renewable Energy Market Study Tour, designed for members of the UN Youth Leadership Development Programme (UNYLDP), offers a unique opportunity for undergraduate and postgraduate students passionate about climate change and renewable energy to learn about how one country is addressing the challenge of a renewable energy transition.

Tour Description

Overview: Join us for a transformative two-week program designed to immerse participants in the forefront of climate change research and renewable energy initiatives. This comprehensive tour will include visits to renewable energy generation sites, various cities, and academic institutions, and is structured to provide rigorous scientific and vocational training, equipping the next generation of climate leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary to address the challenges of a rapidly changing world.

Course Highlights: Engage in diverse modules such as Climate Policy and Energy Market Governance, Climate Change and the City, Transitioning away from Fossil Fuels, Challenges and Innovation in Renewable Energy, and Private sector ESG and Community efforts. Engage with world-leading experts, visit cutting-edge renewable energy sites, and gain insights into the intricate web of policies and market tools driving the UK’s renewable energy development.

Course Outcome: Participants will be encouraged to engage with the opportunities, culminating in a final presentation to showcase their learnings. The best presentations will be featured and awarded at COP29 in Baku, providing an unparalleled platform for recognition.

Who Should Apply: Undergraduate and postgraduate students with a keen interest in climate change and renewable energy, possessing strong written and oral English skills. This program is designed for those eager to contribute to a sustainable future and engage in technical discussions surrounding the challenges and innovations in the renewable energy sector.


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