National Grid’s ultra-rapid EV charging plans a milestone for sector

  • FT reports National Grid are planning to support the development of ultra-rapid (350kW) charge points at up to 50 sites across the UK
  • REA calls announcement an “important milestone”• 350kW charge points would allow future electric car drivers to typically recharge in up to 12 minutes

The FT reports this morning that National Grid are planning to support the installation of a fleet of ultra-fast EV charging points along Britain’s major motorways that are directly connected to the transmission system.

The article outlines that National Grid has overlaid maps of motorways and the electricity transmission system and identified up to fifty strategic sites where banks of ultra-fast (350kW) chargers could be placed. The fifty sites would put 90 per cent of the UK’s drivers within fifty miles of such a charger at any given time.

350kW chargers would allow cars in the future to recharge between five and twelve minutes. This compares to home charging overnight, which are typically between 7kW and 11kW. The REA believes a combination of home, workplace, on-street and ultra-rapid charging will be needed in the future.

Matthew Trevaskis, Head of Electric Vehicles at the Renewable Energy Association, said:

“This is an important milestone for the development of a strategic, accessible, and reliable electric vehicle charging network in the UK. National Grid will play an increasingly crucial role in EV rollout and it is excellent to see some big-picture thinking from them on this issue.

The pace of progress relating to EV rollout from automotive manufacturers, charge companies, and grid operators is rapidly increasing, and it is now up to Government and regulators to build on the excellent work done to date and to implement documents such as the Smart Systems and Flexibility Plan.”

National Grid is a member of the REA and its EV sector group.


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