New renewable heat rules strengthen industry safeguards

  • Government confirm they will amend how wood fuel and waste can be dried as part of the renewable heat incentive
  • Will benefit many responsible companies, but need to ensure that innovative companies aren’t punished 

The Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy has released it’s response to the consultation The Non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive: further proposed amendments and has confirmed its intention to restrict certain types of fuel drying that are supported under the Renewable Heat Incentive, the UK’s flagship heat decarbonisation scheme.

Frank Aaskov, policy analyst at the Renewable Energy Association and Wood Heat Association said:

“We welcome the principle of limiting eligible heat uses to ensure the scheme is used responsibly. The central goal of the RHI is to drive down emissions from the heating sector in a cost effective manner, and we must not be lost sight of that. The RHI is a complex scheme and the new rules will need to be tested and be open to change to ensure innovative companies aren’t being punished.”

Dr Kiara Zennaro, Head of Biogas at the Renewable Energy Association said:

“The UK has robust and growing biogas and energy-from-waste sectors which include companies making biofuels from coffee grounds, green gas from food waste and transforming black-bag waste and waste packaging removed from food waste into electricity, heat and biofuels for transport. Many of these processes require the waste to be dried and prepared but we are concerned that this heat use is no longer eligible.”

“While there are positive aspects of this consultation this change could be a backwards step for the circular and bio-economies.”


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