Opposition to renewables hits an all-time low in the run up to the ‘climate election’


  • Recent public attitudes tracker show that opposition to renewables has hit an all-time low of 2%
  • This comes in the run-up to what has been deemed by a number of political parties as the ‘climate election’
  • Other key findings include support for biomass hitting a record of 70%


The latest public attitudes tracker published today has found that opposition to renewables has hit an all-time low. This comes just over a month before what has been deemed by opposition parties as the ‘climate change election’.


Commenting on the report Amy MacConnachie, Head of External Affairs at the REA said:


“I’m not at all surprised that opposition to renewables has hit an all-time low of 2%. Over the past few months we’ve seen how the climate change movement has mobilised an extraordinary amount of support cutting through geographical, ideological and social economic barriers. Now more than ever, parties need to take heed of what the public are telling them and put climate change at the front and centre of their campaigns. A good place to start being by adopting the REA’s five manifesto calls these set out how to decarbonise the economy.


I am also delighted to see that support for biomass has reached an all-time high of 70%. As evidenced by our Bioenergy Strategy and the Committee on Climate Change, we cannot and will not reach Net Zero without bioenergy. With the election just over a month away, we hope that all political parties take note of this tracker and reflect the views of industry, independent bodies and the public in their manifesto.”



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