Planning Policy changes should drive lower energy bills

  • In a speech later today the Prime Minister will announce her intention to amend the National Planning Policy Framework for the first time in 6 years
  • The amended Framework should reflect the urgent need for more affordable, lower-carbon, and more efficient homes
  • For the UK to truly lead on low-carbon technologies such as EVs, minimum power specifications should be considered in new homes and commercial properties

In a bid to encourage greater home ownership and the building of new properties the Prime Minister will announce today her intention to amend the National Planning Policy Framework.

Such a move could support the roll-out of renewable energy and clean technologies such as storage and EVs across Britain, which would positively impact energy bills, low carbon transport deployment, and help grow the domestic manufacturing base.

James Court, Head of Policy and External Affairs at the Renewable Energy Association said:

“There is a wide political agreement that we need more housing, and good quality housing, but very little discussion on what good quality means. Since the diluting of Zero Carbon Homes in 2015, we are already building homes that will need retro-fitting with insulation in the future, which is obviously madness.

“A proper home is a warm home, and if the prime minister is changing planning regulations a very minimum should be a well-insulated house. Going a little further, a pragmatic government should be looking at what a modern low-carbon house should look like. The cheapest time to fit solar panels or heat pumps or biomass boilers is when they are being built, same with electric vehicle charging and wiring that future families will require.

“Low-carbon housing and buildings mean properties that are warmer, that have lower energy bills, and that are ready for the sea-change in energy and transport that is already underway.”


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