REA comment on Aurora EV report

  • Aurora Energy Research releases report suggesting major EV uptake possible with limited additional power supply needed
  • REA comment on necessity of thinking through EV roll out

A new report from Aurora Energy Research suggests that 10 million electric cars is feasible on UK roads by 2035 and that charging such a vehicle population is achievable and would only increase power demand by 6% of current demand.

The report additionally identifies savings of around £170 per year for EV owners that use smart charging, and that the roll-out of electric vehicles and smart charging would complement the economics of renewable power projects.

Matthew Trevaskis, Head of Electric Vehicles at the Renewable Energy Association said:

“”From Ford to VW, Nissan, and Jaguar Land Rover, nearly every month in the past year we’ve seen new announcements from major auto manufacturers about how they plan to invest billions in electric vehicles and electrify their offerings. The choice of EVs is growing fast but without adequate infrastructure the demand will be slow.

“We agree with this report’s point that it’s not power generation that is the major constraining factor on EV growth. We need strategic thinking about where rapid EV charging infrastructure is needed, policy reform to support off-peak and smart charging, and in order to keep up with the pace of change in the market, we needed to start a major works programme yesterday.”


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