REA comments on Labour’s ‘Regional Manifestos’

Amy MacConacchie, Head of External Affairs at the REA commented:

“Labour are right to deliver region specific manifestos and pathways when it comes to implementing their Green Industrial Revolution. Transitioning to a Net Zero economy cannot be a one size fits all approach. The level of carbon reductions, upskilling and the overall journey of traditional energy intensive hubs in Yorkshire and the Humber for example will be vastly different from that of metropolitan cities which have little manufacturing. This needs to be recognised with support and guidance appropriately allocated.

“We also support the commitment to three new gigafactories, essential to grow a sustainable EVs industry in the UK, plastics reprocessing and recycling facilities, essential for efficient resource management, and support for hydrogen production.

“Taking a blanket approach to the green transition and not taking into account the specific needs of each region could result in a disproportionate or unfair distribution of investment, green jobs and growth. We would call on Labour to go one step further by ensuring the roll out of the green industrial revolution includes and adequately supports local authorities as a resource to monitor and implement the shift to Net Zero emissions needed throughout every town and city in the UK.”


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