REA comments on latest Energy Trends

  • Earlier today BEIS released the latest Energy Trends statistics
  • The release found that coal had reached a record low and that biofuel consumption had increased by 30% on 2018 Q2 figures

Commenting on the statistics, Frank Gordon, Head of Policy at the REA said:

“The continued decline of coal in the UK is a welcome trend. Coupled with the recent record-low offshore wind auction prices, it’s clear how we generate and distribute electricity is undergoing a fundamental change. With coal coming off the system in its entirety by 2025, and the expected retirement of much of our existing nuclear generation capacity by the early 2030’s, these statistics highlight how we urgently need supportive policy that encourages the construction of a wide range of new renewable power sites, including onshore wind and solar PV.

“We urge the Government to open up auctions for ‘Pot 1’ generation technologies in the Contracts for Difference auctions to facilitate this.”

Commenting on the statistics, Gaynor Hartnell, Head of Renewable Transport Fuels at the REA said:

“Renewable fuels are showing an increase, due to the target levels increasing – but the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation is nowhere near ambitious enough. We could double the consumption of renewable ethanol overnight, with a switch to E10 petrol which is long overdue. There’s potential for higher blends of biodiesel too and enough sustainable feedstocks to produce it.

“With overall volumes of liquid fuels set to fall, with the uptake of electrification, the percentage targets need to increase in order to ensure volumes of biofuels consumed don’t fall. We need to get liquid fossil fuel consumption down, as swiftly as we can, as transport is now the largest CO2 emitting sector and the overall trend is for it to continue to increase.”


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• The full Energy Trends September 2019 document can be found here:

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