REA FiT response comment: good words need good deeds

  • REA responds to the Government’s launch of a consultation on the closure of the Feed-in Tariff

Commenting on the launch of the consultation on the closure of the Feed-in Tariff, James Court, Head of Policy & External Affairs at the Renewable Energy Association said:

“It is pleasing to hear positive words about renewables from the Government, but this has to be backed up by good deeds. While nobody in the industry was expecting an 11th hour reprieve for the Feed-in Tariff, the removal of the ‘export tariff’ for new projects will lead to the truly bizarre situation where consumers who own technologies such as solar will give electricity they don’t consume to the grid for free.

“Post-subsidy could be a reality, but in an energy market where nothing, not even gas power stations, can be built without government support, it is unrealistic to expect consumers, businesses or developers to continue installing small scale generation. This could be achieved by tax incentives, market enablers, and planning or building regulations, but we are currently left in an unnecessary policy vacuum without any firm proposals put forward by Government.

“This is all having an effect in the real world, with jobs, deployment and investment in solar now down to below 2012 levels, as shown by our annual report, REview.” 


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