• The REA responds to the highly anticipated “Green Day,” now named “Powering Up Britain”;
  • Today’s sizable collection of announcements includes a revised energy strategy and a formal response to Chris Skidmore MP’s Independent Review of Net Zero;
  • The REA welcomes several ambitious measures, yet expresses concern over remaining policy gaps;
  • The “Energy Revolution” must have renewables at its core to ensure growth and address the joint climate and energy crises.

The REA (Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology) warmly welcomes the range of measures announced today which highlight that Government are finally committing to several programmes long awaited by industry. This includes the Zero Emission Vehicle Mandate, consideration of planning reforms and green hydrogen projects. These are positive moves that will start to get these technologies delivered.

It is also welcome that today’s announcements provide further detail in relation to previously announced ambitions that had been stated in the Net Zero Strategy and Energy Security Strategy.

However, the REA stresses that significant gaps remain, and there continues to be a lack of policies that will quickly address some of the biggest barriers to renewable and low carbon deployment. Chief amongst these is accelerating UK attractiveness in globally competitive investment market and ensuring that renewables are treated on a level playing field with Oil and Gas investment. This could be addressed by dedicated capital allowances for low carbon investments and ensuring a route to market for a complete range of low carbon and clean energy technologies.

Furthermore, a number of technologies of strategic importance for reaching the UK’s net zero targets are not referenced in today’s announcements. This includes areas such as Deep Geothermal, advanced conversion technologies, BECCS at all scales, the broader bioenergy and organic recycling sectors, as well as much more ambitious heat decarbonisation and energy efficiency measures.

The REA also welcomes the publication of Sir Patrick Vallance’s Pro-Innovation Review, in which the REA assisted, as well as a formal response to Chris Skidmore MP’s Independent Review of Net Zero; “Mission Zero.” It is extremely welcome that government are partly or fully acting upon 23 recommendations from the report’s 25 recommendations for 2025, which will ensure that the UK’s journey to net zero by 2050 is both pro-business and pro-growth.

Dr Nina Skorupska CBE FEI, Chief Executive of the Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology (REA) said:

“Despite positive moves that will get vital renewable technologies delivered, we still need stronger ambitions to cement the UK’s position as a world leader in our sector. The UK is now in an international race for investment and needs to keep pace, as well as urgently delivering on Net Zero ambitions.

“Highlighted by the recent CCC and IPCC reports, it could not be clearer that we need to move faster, and today’s announcements leave significant gaps in vital policy that will provide a route to market for the speedy decarbonisation of power, heat and transport, while moving to a circular economy and addressing the joint climate and energy crises. A full range of renewable and clean energy technologies are needed to decarbonise our energy systems, many of which continue to be missing from today’s plans.

“Whilst making this clear, we do recognise that a number of ambitious measures have been released today which highlight that Government are finally committing to several programmes long awaited by industry. The REA welcomes government’s recommitment to Net Zero and green industries in Britain.

“The REA look forward to working with government to see delivery of today’s announcements and to address the substantial policy gaps that remain.”