• It is welcome news that the third carbon budget has been successfully met, thanks to our members and the wider renewable and low carbon sector.
  • The targets were largely achieved by setting out consistent policies to decarbonise our power system, that has also seen renewables become the lowest cost form of power generation, delivering energy security and growth industries in the UK.
  • We agree that the UK remains behind on the decarbonisation of our transport and heat sectors, and significant policy gaps in these areas must be addressed for the fourth carbon budget to be met.

The Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology (REA) has welcomed today’s Climate Change Committee announcement that the Third Carbon Budget (2018 to 2022) was met with a surplus.

The report states that recent UK decarbonisation has been driven by good progress in the decarbonisation of electricity supply, through a faster than expected phase-out of coal. Industrial emissions also fell due to reduced output.

The REA agrees with the CCC that Government should not loosen future targets, especially considering that in most other sectors, such as transport and buildings, the UK is not on track and progress will need to accelerate rapidly.

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Rollo Maschietto, Public Affairs Manager at the REA (Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology), said:

“It is thanks to our members and the wider renewable and low carbon sector that we have met these targets, whilst delivering more value, resilient energy security, and growing the economy.

We agree with the CCC’s analysis that future targets cannot be compromised, and we stand ready to work with our members, Government, and other stakeholders to ensure progress does not stall.”