Dr Nina Skorupska CBE, Chief Executive of the Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology (REA), said:

“Our sector is ready to play our part and work with government to urgently design a mechanism that helps reflect the lower generation costs of renewables for peoples’ homes and businesses.

“However, I fear that, in a few years’ time, we will look back at today’s announcement with a great deal of regret. It is beggar’s belief that even though the current energy crisis is being caused by price volatile fossil fuels, the Government has doubled down on oil and gas production.

“These decisions come just less than a year after the UK hosted COP26, and questions the Government’s commitment to Net Zero. Economic growth and tackling climate change go hand-in-hand – it is not an either/or.”

“The Government must now focus their plan beyond the winter to help deliver the real solutions to this crisis. A national scale energy efficiency programme, and helping homes and businesses transition to renewable alternatives. Delivering well thought-through wholesale market reforms to decouple electricity prices from the cost of gas. Filling the wide gaps in energy policy, investing in the grid, and offering expanded CfD schemes. Renewables, not more of the same, is the route out of this crisis.”