• The REA welcomes BEIS’s release of new hydrogen policy publications;
  • Government provides updates on hydrogen strategy and propose new domestic boilers to be powered by hydrogen from 2026;
  • However, the REA stresses the importance of an informed choice when consumers decarbonise their heating system.

The Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology (REA) has welcomed the publication of documents from BEIS regarding the Government’s updates on the hydrogen market.

These include:

  • The second Hydrogen Strategy update to the market;
  • Hydrogen Production Business Model Heads of Terms;
  • The Government Response to the Call for Evidence on enabling or requiring hydrogen-ready industrial boiler equipment;
  • A Hydrogen-ready Industrial Boilers external research study; and
  • A Hydrogen Transport & Storage external research study.

In addition to these documents, BEIS has also proposed to mandate that all new domestic gas boilers sold from 2026 should be ‘hydrogen ready’.

The REA says that it is encouraging to see progress on the hydrogen agenda and the government’s commitment to the low carbon hydrogen sector. The proposal for hydrogen-powered domestic boilers is acknowledged but stresses the importance of educating consumers around hydrogen heating for the home to allow informed choices on the renewable technologies available for their heating system.

Dr Nina Skorupska CBE, Chief Executive at the Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology (REA), said:

“The REA is pleased to see continued Government progress on hydrogen policy, and feel these publications underline their commitment to the low carbon hydrogen sector. We particularly welcome the Government’s strong progress in regard to the hydrogen strategy, with both the Market Update and Business Model Heads of Terms giving much needed certainty to the UK’s clean hydrogen industry.

“With clear policy support in place, we are already starting to see the UK’s clean hydrogen economy begin to grow, but there is still plenty more to do and we are looking forward to more progress in 2023. 

“The REA also acknowledges the proposals for hydrogen ready domestic boilers to become the standard by 2026 which will give consumers more options in their decarbonisation journey. However, we must ensure that such boilers do not prolong the life of natural gas in the UK, that all decarbonisation options remain on the table for heating people’s homes and that consumers are well educated around hydrogen for domestic heat, allowing them to make informed choices on what renewable technology they use to heat their homes.”