REA welcomes governments’ investment in green vehicles, new batteries and low carbon technology

  • Government announce £106 million for R&D in green vehicles, new batteries and low carbon technology at the UK’s first Zero Emission Vehicle Summit
  • PM to set out ‘ambitious mission’ for the UK to be a leader in zero-emission vehicles

James Court, Policy & External Affairs Director, Renewable Energy Association (REA), said:

“All the ingredients for the UKs success in being an international leader in EVs are in place. Our engineering base, strong policy support, the rapid development of charging infrastructure and unwavering public support for renewables all put us on the front foot to becoming a world leader in environmentally-friendly vehicles.

“Today’s Zero Emissions Vehicle Summit will bring together the key people needed for a clean transport boom in Britain. Our hope is that this conference is both a forum for discussing where we lead but also the barriers to the industry’s success, which include the ability to co-locate renewables and energy storage with EV charging due to grid issues, a liberal approach to developing land for charging hubs, and the interoperability of charging networks.”


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