“Much needed” Capacity Market review must prioritise access for renewables

  • Renewable Energy Association responds to launch of the Governments’ call for evidence over the future of the Capacity Market (CM).                          
  • The REA calls on government to prioritise enabling more renewables and energy storage technologies to access the market, removing current barriers and placing a greater emphasis on decarbonising electricity supplies.

Frank Gordon, Policy Manager, Renewable Energy Association, said:

“The REA welcomes the start of the Government’s review of the Capacity Market and focus on how it should operate in the future. This review is much needed given the amount of fossil generation delivered by the capacity market to date, effectively providing a subsidy for coal, gas and diesel generation, while cheaper renewable technologies have been denied access.

“As we have consistently said, the problem with the Capacity Market is that it fails to tackle all elements of the Energy Trilemma – completely ignoring both value for money and decarbonisation – unlike the remaining renewable support schemes which tackle all elements.

“We encourage the Government to examine how renewables can be included in future auction rounds as soon as possible, as well as address the current barriers that make it more difficult for energy storage projects to compete.”


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