Bioenergy Strategy – Phase 3

Delivering the UK’s Bioenergy Potential

Key Actions for Realising Bioenergy’s Essential Role in Getting to Net Zero

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The REA Bioenergy Strategy Project

The REA has led an industry wide strategy paper for bioenergy in the UK, which we believe is
timely due to:

  • The rapidly evolving UK and international perspective on bioenergy
  • Its critical role in the UK renewable energy scene now and potentially in
    the future
  • The absence of an up-to-date UK government strategy for bioenergy or
    plans to develop one


The objective of this work is to provide an industry led perspective on:

  • The current contribution of bioenergy to UK energy supply and demand,
    including looking at the benefits that this brings
  • An appreciation of the strengths of the current UK bioenergy industry
    and its capabilities
  • To identify the barriers, including those related to policy and regulation,
    which are holding back more rapid deployment
  • To develop the vision of what the sector could provide (by 2032) and how this
    could help UK policy objectives relating to environment, energy security and to
    economic development
  • The actions needed to deliver the vision, including what policy and regulatory
    framework would be needed to allow industry to deliver this future, along with
    the complementary actions by government, or other players, that would help
    deliver it, for example investment in research, design and demonstration (R,D&D);
    the removal of specific regulatory barriers and options for supporting finance
    The project has examined bioenergy as a whole, and has considered the current and potential
    contributions from bioenergy to electricity, heat and transport, and in the context of the
    development of a sustainable bioeconomy