The REA has now submitted its response to the biomass strategy call for evidence, which you can view below.

Thank you to everyone who provided input into the response. This has been a major workstream for the REA with five-member roundtables, a BEIS industry seminar and several meetings with MPs. The REA will continue to be engaged with the Biomass Strategy team in BEIS, in order to continue to inform the development of Government policy. So there will be yet further opportunities for members views to be represented.

Read the REA Biomass Strategy Response

Two Page Briefing of REA Response

Accompanying the REA response is a series of Annex documents providing further evidence, these can also be read here:

REA Annex 1: Briefing Produced By Hawkins Wright –  provided directly to BEIS, not available for wider circulation.

REA Annex 2 Biomass Heat Case Studies

REA Annex 3 Biogas and ACT Case Studies

REA Annex 4 BUK Biomass Sustainability and Availability

REA Annex 5 Biomass Policy Priorities